Awaken Within Yoga

Ayurvedic Therapies are combined in the Awaken Within Yoga DVD to facilitate the release of this stored Cellular Memory.
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Ayurveda Yoga

Ayurveda Yoga assists us in our Journey towards true Health and Wellbeing.  It is a blending of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga.  Both of which were cognized by the Rishis in deep meditation.  Created from this level of Awareness brings a sense of Wholeness and Purity to the Knowledge. Dr. Mary Jo...

Restorative Yoga Benefits

The Yoga Positions or Asanas used in the Awaken Within Yoga DVD are all a form of Restorative Yoga which is part of Hatha Yoga.  In the West, when we say Yoga, we are usually referring to Hatha Yoga.  “Ha” meaning Sun and “tha” meaning Moon.  “Yoga” means union.  Hatha Yoga is designed to unite...