Awaken Within Yoga

Ayurvedic Therapies are combined in the Awaken Within Yoga DVD to facilitate the release of this stored Cellular Memory.
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Ayurveda Yoga

Ayurveda Yoga assists us in our Journey towards true Health and Wellbeing.  It is a blending of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga.  Both of which were cognized by the Rishis in deep meditation.  Created from this level of Awareness brings a sense of Wholeness and Purity to the Knowledge. Dr. Mary Jo...
Watch our Video teaser on Youtube!!!!

Watch our Video teaser on Youtube!!!!

Awaken Within Yoga DVD by Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta, founder of Shaktiveda Ayurveda. Restorative Yoga poses for each Chakra with Chakra Mantras, Healing Affirmations, and Inspired Music (Tambura & Harmonium). Designed to release Cellular Memory and Subtle Imbalances that are interfering with living life in Ease and Joy. Release Date:  December  2011 For more information...