Our 200 hour Shaktiveda Yoga Teacher Training (YTT) Program is taught in 4 Modules which include:

  • Awaken Within Yoga – Restorative Yoga Asanas for each Chakra,
  • Awaken Your Spine Yoga - Hatha Yoga Asanas that bring Health, Flexibility, and Strength to the Spine,
  • Awaken Throughout Yoga - Hatha Yoga Asanas taught in a continuous flow that facilitate a sense of Well Being, Flexibility, Strength, and Improved Life Force.
  • Inner Awakening Through Yoga – An in-depth look at Shaktiveda and Yoga Philosophy.  Gaining knowledge, practical application, refining yoga teaching skills, deepening asana, pranayama, and meditation practice.

Our Shaktiveda Yoga Program is based upon the knowledge of Babaji and Krishanand.  As a direct disciple of Babaji, Dr. Cravatta has designed all aspects of the Program to enliven Awareness in the individual.  As Yoga is so much more than physical exercise, it is important to have an understanding of the flow of Divine Energy or Shakti

April 28 – May 1, 2013 –  Inner Awakening Through Yoga

  • Grass Valley, CA – Shaktiveda

July 12, 2013 – July 16, 2013 – Awaken Within Yoga

  • Grass Valley, CA – Shaktiveda

October  11, 2013 – October 15, 2013 – Awaken Your Spine Yoga

  • Grass Valley, CA – Shaktiveda

January 17, 2014 – January 21, 2014 – Awaken Throughout Yoga

  • Grass Valley, CA – Shaktiveda

April  2014 – April  2014 – Inner Awakening Through Yoga

Grass Valley, CA – Shaktiveda

The Awaken Within, Awaken Your Spine, and Awaken Throughout Modules may be taken separately and in any order.  The Inner Awakening Through Yoga Module may only be taken after completing at least one of the other three Modules.


  • A basic understanding of Ayurveda.  Suggested reading:  Perfect Health book.
  • Have attended an Awaken Within Workshop or have practiced with the Awaken Within Yoga DVD.
  • Have an Ayurvedic consultation with Dr. Cravatta.  This will give you first hand experience with Shaktiveda Ayurveda and assist you in your personal journey towards well being.
  • Submit the Shaktiveda Yoga application

200 Hour Curriculum includes:

  • Restorative Chakra Yoga Asanas, Asanas for releasing Cellular Memory, Asanas to bring strength and flexibility, Asanas to increase flow of Life Force – how to teach and how to practice
  • Principles of Teaching Style, Demonstration, Observation, Qualities of a Teacher, and beginning Business Skills and Marketing
  • Energetic Understanding of Chakras, Nadis, Marmas along with Physical Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy, Ayurveda Lifestyle, Shaktiveda Philosophy, and Ethics for Yoga Teachers
  • Practice, Observing others practicing, and receiving Feedback
  • Subtle Awareness Technique Meditation
  • Chanting
  • Pranayama
  • Ayurvedic Principles and how it relates to Yoga
  • Ayurvedic Herbology and its influence on Yoga practice
  • The foundational understanding of the Divine Sevenfold Path
  • Knowledge of the Shaktiveda 5 Guiding Principles
Our Shaktiveda 200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Program is certified by Yoga Alliance.

The fee for our Shaktiveda Yoga 200 Hour Program:   $2,800 when paid in full

Or, each Module may be paid for separately:

Awaken Within, Awaken Your Spine, and Awaken Throughout Module Course Fee:  $850 per Module ($800 if paid at least 2 weeks in advance)

Inner Awakening Through Yoga – $690 ($640 if paid at least 2 weeks in advance)  - Meals are not included

Cost of Vegetarian /Ayurvedic  Meals for each Module  - $120

Lodging – Ask us for suggestions

Grass Valley is approximately 1 hour from the Sacramento Airport

Shaktiveda Yoga Teacher Training is a  transformational Course taught in an atmosphere which allows you to go deep within.  It is designed for you to learn to become a Yoga Instructor AND to facilitate your own personal growth and inward Journey.   Even those who are not interested in becoming a Yoga Teacher will benefit from this amazing workshop.

The Three Styles of Shaktiveda Yoga

The Awaken Within Yoga Module has been designed by Dr. Cravatta to effectively address imbalances that are keeping us from experiencing a sense of well being and wholeness. The emphasis is on Restorative Yoga and Chakra Yoga.In the many years of Dr. Cravatta’s practice, she has found that we are being held back by the “strings” of old patterns. Subconsciously, one is pulled back into ways of thinking and behaving that is not life supporting.  Practicing Awaken Within Yoga with the restorative poses, the chakra mantras, and healing affirmations is truly a transformational experience. The course contains in depth knowledge on the Chakra System and the Subtle Bodies or Nadi System.

The Awaken Your Spine Yoga Module has been designed by Dr. Cravatta to give an in depth understanding of Hatha Yoga Asanas to strengthen, heal, and increase flexibility of the Spine and Spinal Vertebrae – while at the same time releasing stored cellular memory. The course also includes information on Spinal Anatomy, Spinal Physiology, Marma Points that affect the Spine, and how emotional / mental stress will impact the functioning of the Spine. The practice of Awaken Your Spine Yoga affects the health of the entire body, releases spinal tension, and prepares one for seated meditation.

The Awaken Throughout Yoga Module combines learning the healing benefits of Relaxation, Stretching, and Strengthening Yoga.  The series of Yoga asanas are designed to release cellular memory, balance marma points, give a good work out, and facilitate going within all in one yoga class.  Your students will appreciate and rave when you teach them Awaken Throughout Yoga!

Please contact our office for the application and for more information.

Course Instructors:

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta  -  a Chiropractor, is the developer of Shaktiveda Yoga.  She has been a student of Hatha Yoga since the early 1970’s and she began her study of Ayurveda in 1979.  Shaktiveda Yoga was created from her desire to assist others in unwinding and releasing subtle imbalances and cellular memory that  interfere with living life with a sense of ease physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.    A renowned master of Pulse Diagnosis or Nadi Vigynan – Knowledge of the subtle energies and having taken over 45,000 pulse readings she is highly skilled in this delicate art.  Her special interest is Marma Therapy – and offers  Shiro Shakti Marma in her clinic.  Her current practice is in Grass Valley, CA.

Gianna Picardo – Practices Yoga and Ayurveda in Portland, OR and Ojai, CA.  Registered with Yoga Alliance at the E-RYT 500 level, Gianna has completed multiple teacher training programs including studies with Sarahjoy Marsh of amrita: a sanctuary for yoga and Richard Haynes of Ayurveda Plus in Portland, OR.  In India, Gianna completed the Svastha Yoga Therapy & Ayurveda training, studying with long-time Krishnamachayra student A.G. Mohan and family of Chennai.  Her work is complemented by her current Ayurvedic pulse diagnosis studies and Shaktiveda Yoga with Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta of CA, and a U.S. certification program through the American Institute of Vedic Studies.   She is one of Shaktiveda Yoga’s Core group of Yoga Teachers.

Suzanne Leusch – Practices Yoga and Ayurveda in Briggs, ID – specializing in pre-natal and postpartum care.  Her Yoga certification includes intensive study in India with Sivananda along with in depth study of pre-natal Yoga and Shaktiveda Yoga.  She is a registered Ayur-Doula and graduate of CCA Ayurvedic Program.  Suzanne has studied Pulse Diagnosis with Dr. Cravatta for over 5 years.  She is one of Shaktiveda Yoga’s Core group of Yoga Teachers.

Attending the Shaktiveda Yoga 200 Hour YTT  is one of the prerequisites for taking Subtle Awareness Technique (SAT) Meditation Teacher Training Program.

Yoga Alliance Certification
To be certified by Yoga Alliance in Shaktiveda Yoga, it is necessary to have taken all four Modules and have met the requirements for certification.  This includes satisfactorily completing the assignments for non-contact hours

Shaktiveda Yoga Certification
Shaktiveda Yoga is dedicated to assisting our Yoga teachers on their own personal journey as well as assisting them in having a successful Ayurveda Yoga career.  To maintain a high level of proficiency after completing the 200 or 500 Hour Programs, Shaktiveda Yoga instructors will be required to take at least 12 hours of Shaktiveda Yoga Continuing Education per year; this would include in person and / or online courses.  With the Continuing Education and being in good standing, Shaktiveda Yoga instructors are able to state that they are Shaktiveda Yoga certified.

This is what one of our Shaktiveda Yoga Instructors is saying about teaching Awaken Within Yoga:

“Sharing such a powerful healing practice with others has made a big impression on me and those in attendance.  Every one in the room can feel the strength of the group intention.  This style of Yoga not only has an impact on the overall health of the individual but this influence extends out to the community in which they practice.  I am definitely still riding on the “high” of teaching Awaken Within Yoga. “ 

-SL, Idaho

Shaktiveda Yoga Therapist 500 HourTraining

Dr. Cravatta has combined Shaktiveda Yoga, Ayurveda, Yoga Anatomy & Physiology, Spinal Anatomy & Spinal Physiology, Pulse Diagnosis, Marma Therapy, Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy, Ayurvedic Cleansing, and subtle techniques for this 500 hour training – pre-requisite:  Shaktiveda Yoga 200 Hour Program.  It is particularly important that the Shaktiveda Yoga Therapist live a sattvic lifestyle; incorporating the knowledge that they have learned from Shaktiveda Yoga.

This Program is designed for the Yoga Teacher who would like to delve deeper into the study of Yoga and how to deepen the healing aspects of Yoga. As an Ayurveda Yoga Therapist, the practitioner will be able to have a broad view and understanding of why certain imbalances affect their clients and how to determine the correct approach to assist in their healing. Throughout her many years of being a Chiropractor, daily meditation / yoga, and her practice as an Ayurvedic Doctor, Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta has developed a style that goes to the underlying imbalances within an individual so that true healing can begin.

The Program will include the study of all aspects of the physical body along with an understanding of the subtler aspects. These will include marma therapy (vital energy points), Anatomy, Physiology, how Yoga Asanas can be done for specific imbalances, Shaktiveda Yoga Physical Therapy, Affects of Mantras, Methods to allow the bones to re-align themselves, Ayurvedic Herbal Therapy, and so much more!