Ayurveda Yoga assists us in our Journey towards true Health and Wellbeing.  It is a blending of the ancient knowledge of Ayurveda and Hatha Yoga.  Both of which were cognized by the Rishis in deep meditation.  Created from this level of Awareness brings a sense of Wholeness and Purity to the Knowledge.

Dr. Mary Jo Cravatta, founder of Shaktiveda Ayurveda, believes that to become Abundantly Healthy that it is important that we incorporate a variety of healing practices into our daily routine. Living a Shaktiveda Ayurvedic Lifestyle includes a regular routine, eating for our specific needs, herbal products for our specific needs, following conscious eating habits, daily meditation, daily yoga, and seasonal cleansing.

When the precious knowledge of Hatha Yoga was first cognized by the Rishis, it was a part of a Sattvic, Pure Lifestyle – with the intention to assist us in our growth and evolution.  Today, many people think of  Yoga Postures as more of an exercise routine.   It has become a popular type of physical movement.  A bit of the underlying connection to Consciousness has been lost.

When we begin to look at Yoga through Ayurvedic eyes, we can regain a more complete perspective on the benefits of having Yoga in our lives.  We can obtain a greater understanding that there is so much more than just the physical advantages.

The Shaktiveda Ayurveda style of Yoga is called Shaktiveda Yoga.  The knowledge of Shaktiveda Yoga addresses imbalances on all levels in the individual – physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.  It is based on the wisdom and knowledge of Shaktiveda Ayurveda – bringing balance to Doshas, Subdoshas, Dhatus, and the Koshas (Layers of the Etheric Body).

In an Ayurveda perspective, true health is obtained when the Doshas are in a state of balance.  More specifically, when the Subdoshas are balanced.   Each Dosha can be subcategorized 5 times – making the 15 Subdoshas.  (There is a level in Pulse Diagnosis that indicates the state of the Subdoshas.)   Even though all 15 are integral to health, there are several that are most important.

Our Yoga includes three sets of Yoga Asanas – Awaken Within Yoga, Awaken Your Spine Yoga, and Awaken Throughout Yoga.   The Shaktiveda staff  has finished the first in a series of DVDs for Shaktiveda Yoga. The first video is called: Awaken Within Yoga DVD.

In the Awaken Within Restorative Yoga DVD, there is a restorative yoga pose for each of the 7 Chakras.  Ayurveda gives us an interesting perspective on these postures – looking at how these poses affect the person’s Doshas – Vata, Pitta, or Kapha.  Each of these postures affect certain aspects of each Dosha.  For example, the posture used for the Root Chakra is Viparita Karani or Legs Up the Wall.  It has a calming affect on both Apana Vata (in the abdominal area) and Prana Vata (in the mind & head).  This is explained in detail in Shaktiveda’s YouTube series of videos on the Chakras.  We are adding more videos on the Chakras each week, so be sure to visit our YouTube Channel frequently – or, you may want to subscribe to the Shaktiveda YouTube Channel in order to be notified when more videos are added.

We  added 6 new Shaktiveda Yoga instructors in October 2011.  They are teaching the 1 1/2 hour Awaken Within Yoga class as well as the 3 hour special Awaken Within Yoga Workshop that includes fascinating information on the Chakras.  These classes will be taught in the SF Bay Area, Placerville, CA, Ojai, CA, Portland, OR, Jackson, WY, and Briggs, ID.  You may see the schedule of  yoga classes in our calendar. Do you live in another area?  You may contact us about setting up the 3 hour Awaken Within Yoga Workshop in your area.

The 200 hour Shaktiveda Yoga Teacher Training Course will have its next course in the June 24 – 30, 2012.  It will be taught at St. Joseph’s Cultural Center in Grass Valley, CA.  Please contact us for more information.

Dr. Cravatta has developed Shaktiveda Yoga from the understanding she has gained from her 40 years of practicing Yoga, over 30 years of practicing Ayurveda, and her 25 years as a Chiropractor.  This allows her to have a perspective that is very holistic in its approach.

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