The Yoga Positions or Asanas used in the Awaken Within Yoga DVD are all a form of Restorative Yoga which is part of Hatha Yoga.  In the West, when we say Yoga, we are usually referring to Hatha Yoga.  “Ha” meaning Sun and “tha” meaning Moon.  “Yoga” means union.  Hatha Yoga is designed to unite opposites and create unity within the individual.

Traditionally, there are three aspects of a Yoga practice – relaxation, flexibility, and strength.  The emphasis of Restorative Yoga is with relaxation.  The specific Positions or Asanas used in the Awaken Within Yoga DVD were chosen for their deeply relaxing effect on the nervous system.  The Parasympathetic Nervous System (PNS) is responsible for allowing the body / mind to relax.   The affect on the PNS from doing these Asanas facilitates a profound sense of relaxation.  This may include effects such as:  reduce muscle tension, lower heart rate, lower blood pressure, balanced blood sugar levels, improved sleep, improvement in the immune system, improved digestion, quieter mind, reduce “bad” cholesterol, a more properly functioning endocrine system, and improvement in overall energy level.  These benefits of deep rest are known as the “Relaxation Response”.  Restorative Yoga Poses are also wonderful for recuperation from illness and surgeries.

Often in our lives, we are busy with all aspects of our day – work, family, play, a multitude of duties – that we do not take the time to relax and rejuvenate.  Over time, stress will begin to accumulate and affect all aspects of life.   Taking the time to do the Yoga Asanas on the Awaken Within Yoga DVD, is a type of self love that is so needed.

Restorative Yoga places your body in a comfortable position that allows for your body to completely relax and unwind.  This is achieved by supporting certain body parts with props.  These props may include:  blankets, bolsters, pillows, blocks, a chair, or even the wall.  If you do not have special yoga props, you may improvise from what you have in your home.  When your body if properly supported and you are in the Yoga Pose, you are able to relax and settle into the pose which in turns allows your mind to become more at peace.   You are able to consciously release tension throughout your entire body.

Each Restorative Yoga Pose in the DVD is held for approximately 10 minutes.  This allows you to sink deeper and deeper into the pose and allow your muscles to melt.  With these postures, you are never to be in a position that is uncomfortable in any way.  If you find a body part is not at rest, then it is important that you slightly shift your position so that you are able to rest 100%.  You may want to lower the lights or have a candle burning to add to the over all sense of peace.

Restorative Yoga is suitable for everyone.  In the Awaken Within Yoga DVD, we completely describe how to get into each position – allowing beginners to feel comfortable and be able to easily do each Posture.  And, with the DVDs effect on consciousness, even the most experienced of Yogis will find it to be of benefit.

Even though all of these bodily affects are very helpful to one’s health, Dr. Cravatta has seen through her many years doing ayurveda consultations with her patients, that it is not enough.  The old strings of past mental / emotional patterns would continue to pull patients into negative thoughts and behaviors.  She realized that there were deeper, underlying influences that needed to be addressed for true health and well being to be achieved.  The key to this lies in unlocking subtle imbalances from all layers – not just the physical.  From her understanding of all of this, she combined Restorative Yoga Postures with Chakra Mantras (healing sounds), Healing Affirmations, Inspired Music, and Mental Awareness.

Think of this alchemy of therapies as a kind of “Super” Restorative Yoga.  A unique process that truly facilitates the release of old cellular memory.