Teri Gold has lived at the Ananda Community in Nevada City, CA for over 5 years.  She has been a student of meditation and Yoga since 1996.   She is deeply touched with the effectiveness of incorporating yoga, meditation, healthy living practices into her life.  Teri would like to share her experience that she has had with being a model for the DVD -

I found the combination of doing the restorative yoga postures while Dr. Cravatta read the affirmations and sang the mantras was truly a healing union of body, mind and spirit.  I was blessed with feeling peace, joy and comfort on every level.  I was changed in a very deep and lasting way.  I continue to use some of the postures and mantras on a regular basis.  I look forward to using the DVD so I can hear Dr. Cravatta’s calming, peaceful voice and receive the healing vibrations that come through this gift of work that she is sharing.”